The Filipino Indie Films in the Philippines!

The Filipino Indie Films in the Philippines!

Aug 29
The Filipino Indie Films in the Philippines!

It was just these days that the Filipino populace went swooning over the fast-growing Philippine Indie Film industry.Although it was in the year 1988 that the great Filipino director Lino Brocka first introduced Gay-Themed Independent movies with his Macho Dancer, early last year I noticed consecutive productions of such films. And saw that these films are being screened internationally before it gets to the local theaters. Sadly most if not some of it doesn’t even get screened to local theaters nationwide. It does however get special screenings on several malls and theaters on provinces.

The Filipino Indie Films in the Philippines are of course of low budget production but what makes it worth the watch is because of the uniqueness  and the artistic integrity that cloaks every story. Most of the indie films I’ve watched are refreshing to eyes and the story paces like in real life. Something most mainstream movies doesn’t have and cannot offer. These are the kind of movies which are worth celebrating and something we should be proud of.It’s even more moving than the some of the mainstream films.

The only thing I have something against is that today, Pinoy Indie films are mostly gay-themed. Well it all started with that genre and all that but I’m afraid that it might just define the Independent films in the Philippines -GAY!! That could happen because they are screened and are being competed on International film festivals, they might bring home some awards but still it’ll sound quite not right. Don’t you think? No offense to those who belongs to the third sex or whatever, but to generalize our cinema as gay someday because of the nonstop release and venture on the gay genre is something I’m really afraid of.

But anyway, I still think Filipino indie films should be supported! That’s why on this blog, I will not only feature mainstream tagalog movies but also the latest screening schedules, press releases, events, posters, trailers, clips of Pinoy Indie Films online!

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  1. Well, indie films are awesome… I’m a big fan of indie films! And like you said, most indie films are well paced and mostly structured to real life and relates to real life where the viewer can relate and feel the story deep inside. Unlike mainstream films that I now mostly find to be crappy and the same story over and over again with just different actors and a slightly different variation from it’s predecessor.

    However, the most probable reason why most indie films in the Philippines are gay themed is the reason that these people want more openness from the public including the understanding and acceptance form them. I’m not saying I’m pro or anti, but what I want people to understand is that the more you suppress something, the more it wants to come out in more desperate ways.

    Sadly, the gay stereotype in the Philippines is TERRIBLE. Not because you’re gay it means you have to be wearing women’s clothes and have to act like a woman. NO. It’s not like that. I like in a much open country (Canada) and they opened me to things that I would have otherwise completely stereotyped. Here, I learned that there are gay people of which you won’t know they are gay, right until you actually get to meet them and talk to them. Canada is open and has a great deal of respect for third sex thus people are very happy here. You still can’t get the stereotype off, but at least here, these people get to be free and happy. And no, they are not out to get you children and make them gay, too. lol

    Anyhow, these gay themed indie films to help the industry. I remember that there’s this show on TV that I sometimes watch here in Canada (through the Pinoy TV channel, GMA7) which features indie stories but acted and funded by the big guys. I find some of them very decent and awesome. Now, if only more and more people support indie films like here in Canada, then indie films would be something we all should watch. Indie films here in Canada are more or less widely accepted especially by enthusiast and critics and is where the industry gets new talents and new directors, and so on.

    Now, the reason I’m comparing Canada and the Philippines is that I’ve been in both and I’ve seen and experienced them both. If the Philippines wants to be successful, I’d probably say they have to be much more like Canada. Open to changes and to advancement, rather than sticking to traditional old ways. Traditional old ways might have been proven to work, but over time, there will always be a better way to do something and be better at something. If we don’t open ourselves to this reality, the future of the Filipino people will NEVER be seen and will NEVER come. That’s one of the reasons why most of the immigrants here go here in the first place because they realize that THERE IS NO ADVANCEMENT in the Philippines. It might seem there is, but there’s actually nothing happening. I’m not a hater or so, but we all should realize that we all should be open to big changes. It doesn’t matter who the president is, if the people themselves don’t help themselves, it’s useless to have a good or better president.

    • Ernst Jon

      Siguro nga napaka-cathartic lang ng mga indie films. Very much originated to the definition of literature – ang pagsasalaysay ng istorya, sakit at inspirasyon ng buhay. (hango sa Norton Anthology of Literature.) Kaya hindi malayong maging napakalaya ng mga tema, kasama na ang homosexuality at iba pang taboo sa lipunan. Ngunit, hindi nga ba paraan ito para mapalawak ang kaisipan at maitatak ang ‘role’ ng lipunan sa ganitong disiplina?

  2. Movie Database

    The game plan or Good luck Chuck!(I know it’s not on your list but very funny)

  3. sossy

    talaga vanh malalaswa ang indie??

    • Pinoy Movie Blogger

      @Sossy: In general no, but to some YES! Some are work of art and some are just like ceramic piece of crap!(films which are done to show how “lusty” (say sinful) Filipinos are) O.o

  4. henry

    hi i hope i could watch more movies


    A cinematic documentary from Chibi Moku about Wing Chun Kung Fu being introduced to the Philippines. Shot over a period of 2 weeks in Manila & Laguna. Featuring Sifu Steve McGowan & Sifu Robert Greene. Also featuring actor Raymond Bagatsing and the rest of the Golden Harvest team.

    Cinematographer – Trip Shaffer – Chibi Moku

    Equipment -

    Canon 60d
    Tokina 11-16mm 2.8
    Tamron 17-50 2.8
    Canon 50mm 1.8
    Sturdyshots Sturdycam
    Konova Slider

  6. jim royce guerrero

    i love it

  7. kaloyzkie

    San po ba nakakabili ng indie films may gusto kc aq panuorin eh


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