Bulong Movie

Bulong Movie

Dec 25

Bulong is an upcoming horror comedy flick by Star Cinema.Bulong movie stars Vhong Navarro, Angelica Panganiban and Bangs Garcia.It is directed by the horror master of the Philippine cinema, Chito S. Rono.

Star Cinema alongside the release of their 3 Metro Manila Film Festival entries has also released the first cinematic teaser of their upcoming 2011 movie – Bulong.You can jump off to the teaser below!

Bulong movie is Star Cinema’s opening salvo for 2011.And yes, the movie will be released next month.Just like My Amnesia Girl Movie this hybrid of two genres (Horror and Comedy in case you’re so idiot not to figure it out) Bulong is going to be released in the tail end of the month.

The movie Bulong simply tells a story of a Nurse (Vhong Navarro) who desperately wants to get the girl of his wildest dreams, Ellen(Bangs Garcia). Accustomed by a Filipino superstitious belief that when you whisper a wish to the dead the wish will come true, he went to see an expert(Angelica Panganiban) when it comes to those kind of stuffs.Things went complicated when he actually followed what was suggested to him and whispered a wish to the dead.The following day he got what he asked for and now all of the chick-a babes have gone affectionate to him.But it doesn’t ends there – later he finds out that he’s got more than what he asked for! Together with Angelica Panganiban’s character, Vhong seeks ways to make things right – but will they?

Watch Bulong Movie Trailer Now!

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  1. Bulong? Hmm didnt really realise it in cinema though, sounds like horror movie!

  2. I kind of liked the movie and it has inspired me to create a blog about it. I’m not much into local horror comedy flicks, but I enjoyed watching “Bulong.”


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