Catch Me, I’m In Love Movie

Catch Me, I’m In Love Movie

Feb 25

Ashrald fanatics rejoice! The Sarah Geronimo and Gerald Anderson movie has now been titled “Catch Me, I’m In Love“.Produced by Star Cinema, Catch Me, I’m In Love Movie is an upcoming romantic comedy movie topbilled by Sarah Geronimo, Gerald Anderson and Matteo Guidicelli.Also included in the cast are veterans in showbiz Dawn Zulueta, Christopher De Leon, Arlene Muhlach and Joey Marquez.

Catch Me, I’m In Love movie revolves around the life of Roanne Sanchez(Sarah Geronimo) and the President’s son (to be played by Gerald Anderson).

If that Gerald Anderson will play as the President’s son, Christopher De Leon could be the president and Dawn Zulueta, the first lady.While both Joey Marquez and Arlene Muhlach will play as Roanne’s parents.So perhaps, this could be another modern take on Cinderella’s love story – the Filipino way!

Yet another blockbuster romcom by Star Cinema! Do you think  ”Catch Me, I’m In Love Movie” will be able to outdo the Sarah-John Lloyd movie “You Changed My Life” in the box office?

The first official teaser and poster of Catch Me, I’m In Love will be released this weekend and of course, we will post it here! So, be sure to come visit us again and see it first!

Catch Me, I’m In Love is directed by Mae Cruz and to be released on March 23, 2011!

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  1. zarah

    hello po morning,idol ko tlga si sarah G.sana mkta ko sya

  2. Wenj

    Ask ko lang kailan ipalalabas d2 sa Dubai ang Catch me… I’m in love?

  3. Babylin

    super ganda ng movie! two thumbs up for Sarah G.!

  4. edgie

    Last nyt I go to the theater with my 2 sisters, 1 brother and 3 kids. my kids ages from 11 years old, 8 years old and 1 year and 10 months baby.
    My older sister is just on vacation so to have a bonding moment with her we decided to watch movie, your movie…..when we reached the place- TIMES SQUARE SBMA, and while waiting for the last full show I asked the guy incharged at the ticketing area if my daughter (1 year & 10 months) have a charge, I was surprised and shocked because he replied to me that I also need to pay for my baby. I talked to the guy that according to him is working under STAR CINEMA, and he confirmed to me that it’s their policy. Yeah I know that the movie is rated GP but I don’t understand why my 1 year & 10 months old baby need to pay?????????? will she understand the moments that Sarah and Gerald playing in the muddy area? does she feel something in there like “kilig” I didn’t tolerate that crazy policy….so we didn’t watch it! money is nothing if my kids will love it and enjoy, if it’s like a cartoon movie like happy feet or panda i won’t hesitate to pay. but OMG this movie is different!!
    We just want to have fun last night and a bonding time but those inconsiderate theater and STAR CINEMA Crew we ended up eating on a foodchain with play pen where my 1 year & 10 months baby really enjoyed.
    for 1 baby you lost a sale of 6 persons. 1 against 6….

    • Jepz

      To Edgie……. Very immature of you to put up such a comment like that! I mean why bother bringing your kids in the theatre if you won’t pay for them? Look at it this way…… You will be taking spots for your kids too right? then you have to pay for the price…… And you said “MONEY IS NOTHING IF YOURE KIDS WILL ENJOY IT?” this looks like a money issue to me LOL…..!! who’s the inconsiderate and immature fool now? YOU ARE!!! Again…. to all the fools & immature inconsiderate people out there, if you want to have fun “THERES NO SUCH THING AS FREEBIE!!!” This ain’t a free effin’ WORLD!!! Funny to think complaining for such a childish moment like Edgie…. I feel the pain right in your wallet nor purse!! Keep it up foo and Grow the F up!!!

    • koji

      Edgie, feeling mo naman nalugi na sila non…..

    • rosal

      i know it must have been a total shock to pay for a baby or a toddler. but the actors and actresses doesn’t have anything to do with it, and that includes our artists here. the cinemas really do charge for the kids since way back when. i distinctly remember advising my younger sister not to bring her baby to watch Finding Nemo since they’ll have to pay for her and they wanted to catch the last full show on the last day of showing. ayun! they went home again to let us look after their baby because they really do not want to pay for her. again, a lady with a three-year old son wanted to watch Ratatouille argued with the cashier staff and demanded to talk to the manager because she wants to pay at least half of the price for the kid to no avail. my point: it is the shocking truth but it is reality these days. so please do not single out the artists here for this charging practice. different countries have their different ways of doing things but “free” is seldom nowadays.

  5. Ace

    Why point fingers? Personally I think your comment is totally uncalled for. People shouldn’t be degrading others. People need to see both sides of the story. You, yourself have some growing up to do. Any educated person will think about what they post. Your comment just lacked complete thought and consideration of others. I honestly your opinion was just as narrow minded.

  6. jo

    hahaha! affected kayo ahh.. :)

  7. hi kakakilig talaga ang catch me im in love at bagay na bagay pa silang dalawa,
    i love it.

  8. Edgen

    inaabangan ko talaga ang movie na ito, at very satisfied ako sa resulta,bagay na bagay talaga sina Sarah and Gerald, CONGRATULATION!!! SA LAHAT NG CAST & CREW NG CATCH ME I’M INLOVE! sana gumawa na sila ng part 2, at sana mahigitan nila ang part i.

  9. tere

    hello po sainyo… cguro ang pinararating lang po nya, bket nga naman magbabayad ang isang 1 yr. and 10mos. na baby na dapat ay libre po…kung tutuusin nga po libre ang mga bata mula 0 mos. hnggang 3 yrs.old khit saan…cguro nga po iba2 ang policy ng ibat-ibang bansa, pero kung maaari nga naman na ilibre na ang mga gnong edad..sana na nga lng po, para khit anong country ay hndi tayo pagtawanan..
    sa ibang country halos gnon ang patakaran nila kc kung talagang pinangangalagaan nila ang mga bata
    maraming salamat po..

  10. Jastine

    im so inlove with this movie.

  11. vie

    i’ve watch this movie 7 times already..ang ganda talaga,kakakilig..sana may part 2 para naman lalong kiligin ang mga nanonood..:)

  12. jocelmorishita

    sana huwag na mag hanh

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