Maja Salvador Topbills “Thelma”

Maja Salvador Topbills “Thelma”

Feb 01

An indie princess in the making.Maja Salvador opens the year with the Paul Soriano film “Thelma“.Here, Maja Salvador will play as a track runner.Produced by Time Horizon Pictures in cooperation with Abracadabra Productions “Thelma movie” tells the story of a young runner’s dream, passion and determination.One of the few inspiring people who ran away to fix her problems in life.

Trained by the National track star and Survivor Philippines Castaway Elma Muros(who will play as Thelma’s coach in the film) and her husband Jojo Posadas – Maja Salvador (Thelma) gave all her best to make this movie inspiring as what she is now.In fact, she experienced severe leg cramps and muscle spasms that lead to being rushed through the hospital while shooting the indie film.Very challenging role indeed! It was even reported that during Maja Salvador’s training scenes, she had to run barefoot on concrete highways, the river and even on rocky roads.

Yet a sports-themed indie film all must watch on it’s theatrical run.Thelma also stars Tetchie Agbayani, John Arcilla, Eliza Pineda and Jason Abalos.Thelma is slated to hit theaters on September 2011.

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  1. When is THELMA coming out again?

  2. Nancy Rowell

    I am trying to get a copy of Thelma on DVD or as a download to show a girls spirituality group in Cleveland this weekend. I saw the film at the Cleveland film festival and was inspired and want to inspire other young girls.
    Thank you
    Nancy Rowell


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