Ang Babae Sa Septic Tank Movie

Ang Babae Sa Septic Tank Movie

Mar 22

Enjoying the life of a freelancer, now labelled to as CROSSOVER QUEEN, actress, comedienne Eugene Domingo will dominate pinoy movies this 2011.  After My Valentine Girls & Who’s That Girl, Eugene Domingo will start filming her indie movie “Ang Babae Sa Septic Tank“.

The story of Ang Babae Sa Septic Tank movie is written by the person who brought us the  intellectually helmed blockbuster movie, Here Comes the Bride – Chris Martinez.  The indie film, Babae Sa Septic Tank, will however be directed by somebody else, he is none other than Marlon Rivera (The of 100).

Synopsis: Ang Babae sa Septic Tank chronicles a day in the life of three ambitious, passionate but misguided filmmakers as they set out to do a quick pre-prod at Starbucks, a courtesy call to their lead actress, Eugene Domingo, and an ocular inspection of their film’s major location, the Payatas dumpsite. Director Rainier, Producer Bingbong and Production Assistant Jocelyn are well-to-do, well-educated film school graduates who are dead set on making an Oscar worthy film. They believe they have a winning script, the energy and the drive to make their dreams come true. Like most filmmakers they know, they have devised a screenplay that will show the real essence of our culture: poverty. In the course of one day, they brainstorm and exhaust all possible treatment of their project: the story of Mila (Eugene Domingo), a mother from the slums, who out of desperation to survive, has sold her child to a pedophile. As they discuss the possible executions of the story, the movie-within-a-movie gets reborn in Jocelyn’s imagination several times. As a gritty no frills neo-realist film, as a glossy musical, as an over-the-top melodrama and as a docu drama using non-actors. For their last task of the day, they visit the dumpsite for the first time. As filmmakers gunning for authenticity, they get excited with the ”beauty” of the squalor around them. Soon enough, they are faced with reality as they come face to face with the real effects of their chosen subject. Babae sa Septic Tank is a comedy about misguided ambitions, the art of making art and the romanticization of poverty.

Back to Eugene Domingo.Being a crossover queen, one would have the chance to do different roles, be with different stars and with someone like Uge, get paired on different leading man. ”Nag-i-enjoy ako na tumatawid sa iba’t ibang channels. Nakakatrabaho ang iba’t ibang mga artista at direktor, at nakakahalubilo ang iba’t ibang mga tao. Gano’n din kasi ako sa totoong buhay. Hindi ako mapakali. Kailangang lumalayas ako.”, Eugene Domingo said in an interview.

Hunks like Dingdong Dantes (Kimmy Dora), Wendell Ramos, Zanjoe Marudo, Tom Rodriguez,  Jon Avila and just recently Richard Gutierrez are just few of her leading men. This time around, she will be paired up by a young star and a rock star, namely, JM de Guzman and Kean Cipriano.Actress Cai Cortez, Cherry Pie Picache and Mercedes Cabral will also take part in the indie film.

Watch the Trailer of Ang Babae Sa Septic Tank Here!

Ang Babae Sa Septic Tank movie will grind theaters on August 3, 2011!


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