Aswang Chronicles Movie

Aswang Chronicles Movie

Apr 10

Aswang Chronicles Movie is an upcoming horror adventure film starring Dingdong Dantes. This will be the first ever movie offer by Revolver Studios and Reality Entertainment to be competed in the annual Metro Manila Film Festival. Dondon Monteverde, executive producer and managing partner of both film outfits will start the year by tapping ace stars in the Philippine Entertainment Industry.Aside from Dingdong Dantes who got the lead role of Aswang Chronicles, they will also be featuring Piolo Pascual in OJT and Vhong Navarro in a comedy film co-produced by Star Cinema.

The movie “Aswang Chronicles” will be directed by Erik Matti. This movie will serve as the finale of director Erik Matti’s grand comeback into doing films this year. Meaning, before Aswang Chronicles you would be able to see his line up of 2011 movies. That will start I think with a horror film entitled “Babang Luksa”, then goes Gagamboy 2: Ang Pagbabalik and some other indie films.

In Aswang Chronicles Dingdong Dantes will be playing a strikingly unconventional character – a boozer.The boozer that he would be in the story, as the story progresses will eventually become a hero. They are still looking for his love interest in the movie. So do you have any suggestions for the film?

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  1. bane826

    Lovi Poe is dingdongs wife in he story … included in the cast are … secret … this will be an epic movie I tell you!!!

  2. bane826

    believe me … I was there when they were shooting the film ;)

  3. shutthefuckup!

    @bane826, who cares!! shut up! we don’t care if you’re on the shooting of this film., just shut the fuck up pu$$y! HA HA!

  4. Jhe

    hi Sir Good morning if u need a fight director & Stunt Director call at my mobile # 09499516159 at my email add


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