Tween Hearts Class of 2012

Tween Hearts Class of 2012

Aug 12

Tween Hearts Class of 2012

Oh my, how could I ever miss this upcoming teenage film from GMA Films! Tween Academy Class of 2012 movie is but a promising movie I believe. Adapted from the hit tv series “Tween Hearts“, the upcoming movie is the first ever teenage film of today’s generation – marking it’s big screen debut this month of August.

Produced by GMA Films and SMDC, Tween Hearts Class of 2012 is an upcoming teenage drama film that will surely play with our High School memories. Top-billed by the love teams of Joshua Dionisio – Barbie Forteza and Jake Vargas – Bea Binene, together with Joyce Ching and Kristofer Martin, Lexi Fernandez and Derick Monasterio, Louise delos Reyes and Alden Richards and Elmo Magalona who’s role in the movie will develop a crush on Sam Pinto. Tween Academy Class of 2012 is but a must-see movie of 2011!

tween academy class of 2012 movie

The story revolves around 3 best of friends. Kara (Barbie Forteza), the cosplayer and online retailer of collectible toys among the 3. She’s naturally resourceful, she uses her techie skills to help her mom make ends meet for their family. George (Bea Binene) the boyish friend of Enzo and Kara. Caught up in the “bestfriend syndrome”, George tries to hide her feelings for her best friend enemy and instead, helps him get closer to Chloe. and Elmo Magalona is Enzo, the Mr. Fix-It. Perceived as an introvert, he would rather spend time with his gadgets or his two best friends Kara and George. He then find himself in love with his teacher. Conflicts will rise as romance bloom between some of the Tweens. Tween Academy Class of 2012 is said to mirror the lives of today’s generation of teenagers.

There seems to be great releases of Filipino films every month despite tough competition with Hollywood movies. I hope GMA’s August movie offering won’t fall under the list of the worst though. I somehow believe this teenage flick will do great. In fact, fan-based, I feel Tween Hearts the Movie will do bigtime in the box office especially in Metro Manila.

The movie is directed by Mark Reyes and written by Kit Villanueva-Langit! Catch Tween Hearts: Class of 2012 movie in theaters August 24 2011!

What can you say about this movie? Are you excited?


  1. angel

    wow………………………………………………………………………talaga ng tween………………………………………………………..

  2. Dorres

    OMG believe natalaga ako sa inyo tweenhearts!!!

  3. maganda

  4. ang cute nang movie now
    i love it :)

  5. ang cute nang movie now
    i love it :)

    sana my part II pa yang movie nio :)

  6. marie

    where i can watch this for free.duh! puro naman kau maganda la naman videos.pano ko din masasabi maganda:(

  7. Ela

    Love it talaga I wish JuliE Anne IS you know kasama sa film. This IS one of my fave movie

  8. danica mae sales

    mmmm…cute tlaga yong movie niyo….. i like ittttt….


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