Born to Love You Movie

Born to Love You Movie

May 12
Born to Love You Movie

It’s official, Angeline Quinto’s movie with Coco Martin entitled “Born To Love You” is pushing through. In fact, it’s going to be released this May 30, 2012. Wait what?? Yeah, it’s already been 9 months since we reported about the Angeline Quinto and Coco Martin movie  and back then it had the working title “You Light Up My Life“.

It isn’t clear what the movie is going to be about because the official plot hasn’t been officially released yet. There are some ‘seemingly’ viral movie posters and tv spot teasers though to get some hints at. I don’t know if it’s a good marketing strategy to run teasers asking if the two leads are meant to be. Because, honestly, I feel like their love team is a forced one, nevertheless, experimental.

Star Cinema maybe up again for some game of chance because apparently, Angeline Quinto’s showbiz career is still a premature one and they know it. Coco Martin on the other hand, was just launched as a leading man (in Walang Hanggan) but with his popularity, he may actually be the reason why people would want to watch this film – the same way with Angelica Panganiban (who’s partner is Piolo Pascual) in the romcom, Every Breath U Take.

Born To Love You is topbilled by Coco Martin and Angeline Quinto. Together with three veteran stars Albert Martinez, Tonton Guttierez and Eula Valdez. The film is also starring Al Tantay, Malou De Guzman, Kiray Celis, Eda Nolan, Mickey Ferriols, Amy Nobleza, Louise Abuel and Ryan Bang. BANG! Every Breath U Take hasn’t been released yet but Ryang Bang is going to appear on this film again. Born to Love You movie is directed by Jerome Pobocan. Produced by Cinemedia and Star Cinema. This film is Star Cinema’s 19th Anniversary presentation and marks as Cine Media’s 3rd film (after Noy, Dalaw).

Are you excited for this movie?


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  1. raw acting dito si Angeline Quinto, obviously kailangan n’yang mag-workshop. i thought the movie will showcase her singing prowess sad to say wala.
    acting is not overnight, coco martin had been in the hands of Brilliante Mendoza before he got recognized in Philippine Cinema.
    come to think of this: “acting is not singing but singing can be acting.”

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