Sosy Problems Movie

Sosy Problems Movie

Oct 14

Director Andoy Ranay is at helm for the upcoming sosy comedy of GMA Films starring Solenn Heussaff, Bianca King, Rhian Ramos and Heart Evangelista. This offering comes with the titleSosy Problems and will revolve around a group of super sosy girls and their conyo delusions that they live in the upper upper society when everyone of us lives in a third world country. Oh the irony!

These delusions are however saved by the fact that there are undoubtedly rich people around who talks like they’re possessed by Kris Aquino. But these four characters we are about to meet may not actually what they seem like as the title suggests – Sosy! The movie is expected to deal with first world problems in the third world. Oh the irony again! So expect an annoying character complaining about how a splotch of mud on her stiletto ruined her day!

I’m quite excited to watch this movie not because I can relate to conyo people who doesn’t want to associate with the MASA people but I’m interested on how this film can be socially relevant. I’m no Tolentino! He might be interested on this since it’s quite of a bourgeoisie film. But Sosy Problems is pretty much just the icing and the hilariously annoying humor could be the ice berg! Just kidding.

The worst thing this movie can do is to show how some rich people can deliberately show their disgust to the poor which seems interesting but yeah degrading. I doubt that though because I’ve seen the teaser and it’s pretty much about vanity, being fashionable and living in the world they made up for themselves. A world where money can solve their Sosy Problems!

The movie is also starring Aljur Abrenica, Benjamin Alves and Mikael Daez. Are you gonna watch this movie?

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