Coco Martin and Julia Montes Topbills ‘A Moment In Time’

Coco Martin and Julia Montes Topbills ‘A Moment In Time’

Dec 28
Coco Martin and Julia Montes Topbills ‘A Moment In Time’

From the most successful love team of  the phenomenal tv series Walang Hanggan, Coco Martin and Julia Montes, reunites in Star Cinema’s 2013 Valentines movie offering entitled ‘A Moment In Time’. The upcoming film, like most of Star Cinema’s recent romantic movies, will take us abroad specifically in the heart of Netherlands – Amsterdam!

The official trailer of ‘A Moment in Time’ premiered during the opening of the Metro Manila Film Festival wherein the characters of Julia Montes (Jillian) and Coco Martin (Patrick) met in a train. A series of ‘kilig’ shots and the next thing we know they both fell in love. Unfortunately, something must have happened which lead to Jillian being brokenhearted and went to Amsterdam. Coco Martin followed Jillian to Amsterdam only to be rejected saying ‘Nice meeting you and I hope this will be the last.’ A Moment In Time is also starring Gabby Concepcion, Cherie Gil and Ella Cruz.

A Moment in Time could be Star Cinema’s opening salvo for 2013. However, that’s not yet final because, just like last year, Star Cinema might open the year with a film under their indie arm Skylight Films which produced three movies in 2012 namely My Cactus Heart, Corazon: Ang Unang Aswang and Amorosa: The Revenge or maybe under TFC which produced last 2012′s opening salvo ‘A Mother’s Story’.

Star Cinema is also set to distribute the restored version of Peque Gallaga’s Oro Plata Mata in January. ‘A Moment In Time’ will hit theaters on February 13, 2013.

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