Kung Fu Divas Teaser Trailer

Kung Fu Divas Teaser Trailer

Feb 15

When both Marian Rivera and Ai Ai delas Alas announced they’re co-producing and starring in one comedy movie I never thought production would happen too soon. I never even thought they’d go for the title Kung Fu Divas but what do we know? Just now, we got our hands to the first teaser trailer of Kung Fu Divas.

Oh well, that’s what you get when the filmmakers are really excited and enthusiastic about the project. And I must say I am very impressed by it. It was not only very well shot but the teaser shows the material has some balls for glitz, glamour, sense of humor and kung fu!

Kung Fu Divas Movie

The teaser features two rival beauty pageant contestants who decides to battle for the crown through kung fu fighting! And is that Sadako Ai Ai is hairdressing in the talent show portion of Hiyas ng Dalampasigan (Gem of the Beach) Beauty contest.

Kung Fu Divas is directed by first time feature director Onat Diaz and produced by Reality Entertainment and O&Co. Coming this October 2013. So far we only have Reality Entertainment and the stars themselves to back-up the project. Let’s see if this teaser will spark interest to big commercial film outfits.

And in case, both rival film outfits GMA Films and Star Cinema would want to distribute this film – which distribution company do you think should? Well, there’s still Regal, Viva and even Solar Films. But if Reality can make this project a reality and box office fantasy then why not!?

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