Watch Unofficially Yours Trailer Online!

Watch Unofficially Yours Trailer Online!

Jan 30

The full official trailer of Unofficially Yours movie has surfaced in the internet! Last night, Star Cinema’s “Unofficially Yours trailer premiered in the hit Philippine musical comedy TV show “Gandang Gabi Vice”.  And as expected, with the guest appearances of the film’s lead characters namely Angel Locsin and John Lloyd Cruz the whole deal trended on Twitter for quite some time worldwide with the hashtags, #GGV, #John Lloyd, #Angel Locsin and JL, and #Lloydie.

Anyway, here’s the unofficial and only existing synopsis which we actually constructed based on the teaser trailer that’s been released and yet it’s been copied by numerous blogs without credit. lol.

UnOfficially Yours movieThe film deals about a man who falls in love with someone who doesn’t want to fall in love. John Lloyd plays the role of Macky Galvez, a depressed young man who’s been contemplating on why he had several failed relationships. Angel, on the other hand, plays the role of Ces, a modern-day woman who is afraid of commitments. When their worlds collide, a funny yet sexy love story develops!

Starring John Lloyd Cruz and Angel Locsin. Unofficially Yours also stars Edgar Mortiz, Tetchi Agbayani, Edgar Allan Guzman, Ian De Leon, K Brosas, Boom Labrusca, Melissa Mendez, Hyubs Azarcon, Mel Kimura, Panying, Patrizha Martinez, Dana Martinez, and Dannielle Martinez.

Unofficially Yours is Star Cinema’s Valentines movie offering!

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