Watch Tumbok Movie Trailer Online

Watch Tumbok Movie Trailer Online

Apr 08

The official movie trailer of the upcoming horror film “Tumbok” has been released. Directed by Topel Lee, the movie Tumbok stars Cristine Reyes, Carlo Aquino and Ryan Eigenmann. Also starring are Malou De Guzman, Abby Bautista and Lj Moreno.Watch Tumbok Movie Official Trailer now!

Grace (Cristine Reyes) and Ronnie (Carlo Aquino) are a newly wed couple who inherit a condominium unit from Ronnie’s deceased father. As they move into the unit, they are faced with a series of mishaps and misfortunes. The unit is inhabited by strange tenants. Grace starts to experience haunting, sightings, to the extent of incubus. Later in their stay, they find out that they are expecting a baby and are thrilled with the answered prayer. As Grace starts to pursue the occurences in the building, she discovers that the building was built on a “TUMBOK,” a convergence of three roads which is believed to be unlucky. Tragic deaths happen caused by Mark, the building caretaker who turns out to be the devil trapping souls into the vortex. He is also the incubus that makes love to Grace. Can Grace and Ronnie save themselves from the impending danger brought about by the “Tumbok?” What mysery lies in the past that haunts our lead characters?

The story is now very clear and it has been revised.So what they initially posted as the official plot/synopsis of Tumbok is not going to happen. Since Topel Lee was at helm and I think one responsible for the story – then the idea was “probably” split-ed into two. The movie had been conceptualize a year ago or more. To give you a little background when we reported about this last year, (however a bit late) but still we were able to get our hands to the “so” acclaimed synopsis of the film. And in there it says that there will be group of people (celebrities) trapped in a hotel which is actually in a tumbok. It is for a reality tv show entitled Pinoy Scariest Challenge. If my assumptions are right, Topel have decided to make another story for that and that’s how he came up with “White House”. Now, we are offered with a haunting story inside an old condominium. But unlike any of Topel Lee’s movies this time he’ll be bringin us near to hell. The movie would be so much better if they didn’t gave any hint of who’s going to be the incubus and all. It’s obviously on the poster and is written on the plot. I like guessing who’s-the-bastard in every movie, it’s fun!

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